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General Terms & Conditions

Please review the following information as it comprises our General Terms & Conditions for use of our website. By continuing to use this website or submitting an order, you expressly acknowledge and agree to all of the following:


4Knowledge-4Fun, LLC aka 4knowledge-4fun.com, and its staff, are not liable to any purchaser, or other person, for any injury, damage or loss, directly or indirectly, of any type, for any reason, however caused, or under any theory of liability, arising in any way, including negligence, caused by or in connection with the use of any of the products from our website.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be added to orders including shipping and handling on any orders that are ordered and shipped/delivered to addresses in Washington State.

Customers located outside the state of Washington may be required to disclose the dollar amount of their online purchases on their State Income Tax Returns and pay the applicable Use Taxes on those purchases. We do not collect or report Use Taxes for those customers.

Payment Options

We accept both Visa and MasterCard for payment of your order. The Credit Card that you use to pay for your order must be from a USA Bank for the order to process properly. The billing address that you enter must match the address on your Credit Card Statement for your order to process properly. For fraud protection and prevention purposes, we are not able to accept your credit card information over the phone. We do not see or store your credit card information when you use the 3dcart Secure Shopping Cart.

Cancellation Policy

Once an order is placed with 4knowledge-4fun.com, we will begin processing it. Therefore, it may not be possible for us to cancel an order after it has been pulled and packed with other orders that are ready to be shipped. We will always do our best to honor your request but please be aware it may not be possible for us to prevent the shipment of your order.

Any order that is shipped but refused by the customer will be refunded to the card it was purchased with, minus the shipping charges from us to the customer, and any costs the shipping carrier charges back to us for returning the package to us.

Clearance FINAL SALE! Products

Items in this category are marked Clearance FINAL SALE! Therefore, these products are not eligible for Return or Exchange under any circumstances. Please take this into consideration before ordering and make sure you are happy with your choices. These products are eligible for free giftwrap and are included in the total to determine shipping charges, if any. Clearance FINAL SALE! Products are also included in the total that is used with our Rewards Program. See Below.

Giftwrap, Gift Enclosures & Gift Boxes

4knowledge-4fun.com offers complimentary giftwrap and enclosures. At our discretion, we may place items in gift boxes for ease of giftwrapping at no additional charge. Should you wish to utilize the complimentary giftwrapping service, we need access to the following information that you agree to provide to us:

  • What occasion is the gift for? For example, is it a birthday, special occasion or holiday present?
  • What message do you want written on the Gift Enclosure?

Please remember to provide the above information at the time the order is placed, as once the order is packaged for shipment, we will not be able to unpack it and giftwrap. During high demand times, giftwrapping may delay shipment but we will always endeavor to process all orders as fast as possible.

Educational & School Organizations

Schools and Educational Organizations may submit purchase orders via email that can be processed offline if preferred. Email orders to service@4knowledge-4fun.com. Once the total of the order is determined, an email will be sent confirming the order total and the mailing address that the check should be mailed to. Orders processed offline are subject to the same General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy and Return Policy as stated on our website.

Defective Products/Missing Pieces

Should a product purchased from our website be found to be defective or be missing pieces, please contact us by email, or call 425-786-3807 with a detailed description of the specific problem. Please keep all boxes, packaging, pieces, and literature until it is determined what will be done. Manufacturers may be able to supply missing pieces and depending upon our inventory status, we may be able to exchange the item for you. We need to have the complete details to determine the best course of action to take; therefore your prompt reporting of your concerns is necessary.

Our Advertising

We advertise on a number websites on the internet. Although our ads appear on those websites, we are in no way connected to those sites as we are a separate, wholly owned family business. Accordingly, the General Terms & Conditions and other Policies that are stated on those websites do not apply to our site. User Names, Log-Ins, Passwords, Coupon Codes and other items that you may have used on those websites will not work on our site as we are not part of those websites. Please review our General Terms and Conditions and other Policies before placing your order with us.

Toy Safety

4knowledge-4fun takes the safety of your children and your family very seriously. Therefore, we order only new, unused products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Manufacturers are required by law to test products Made in the USA as well as those imported to the USA. Those test results are usually found on the manufacturers websites which we link to through each item sold on our website. At times, some manufacturers websites are down for maintenance or suffer from issues beyond our control that will cause those websites to be unavailable and you may not be able to see the safety and compliance certificates at the time you wish. This information is in a constant state of being updated and changes are made on a regular basis.

Even with the required testing, there will still be instances where products are recalled. We have found that the most current, up-to-date resource for this information is found at
http://www.cpsc.gov/ under the Recalls Tab. We suggest that parents and caregivers sign up for the free emails that are sent out every time a product is recalled in the USA.

Selecting products for your children can be a daunting task. Manufacturers make recommendations as to the suggested age range that their products are created for. We strongly suggest that you follow the age ranges recommended as the manufacturers have made a substantial commitment to determine what works best for each product they sell from safety, required skills, interests and other concerns. Ultimately, you as the parent or caregiver should make the final decision that is best for your particular situation. Should you desire assistance in selecting an appropriate gift, please
contact us by email or call 425-786-3807.

Descriptions, Colors, Pricing & Packaging

We make every effort to enter the most current, accurate, available information on all items sold on this website. At times, manufacturers may change their packaging, colors, descriptions, pricing, production location, materials, etc. As soon as we become aware of changes in the products we sell on this website, we will take steps to update the website information. In any case, 4knowledge-4fun.com reserves the right to make the changes to this information as needed.

Rewards Program

4knowledge-4fun.com believes in rewarding our loyal customers. Each time you complete an order on our website, we will log the value of the order after discounts are applied and before sales tax and shipping are added. Thirty days after you have completed 10 orders, we will total those logged amounts and email you a coupon equal to 5% of the grand total of your logged purchases. Purchasers will have 365 days from the date of issue to redeem the coupon. The coupon may only be used once and by the original purchaser. The coupon will be delivered via email to the email address that was used for order confirmation. Should the purchasers email address change, please contact us. If the purchaser returns or exchanges items that an electronic coupon was issued on, the electronic coupon will be voided and a new one will be issued if the circumstances warrant it. If you do not wish to participate in this Rewards Program, please contact us so we can remove you from the log. We reserve the right to modify or update the terms of the Rewards Program as required.

Intellectual Property & Copyright

4Knowledge-4Fun, LLC, is the owner of the Intellectual Property made up of the images, text, design, graphics, data, and website layout for the 4knowledge-4fun.com website. Some images are supplied for our use, with permission, by the manufacturers and the sales representatives we do business with. Other images are supplied by our photographer for our exclusive use. Our Intellectual Property is not to be copied, disseminated or used for your private, public or commercial use without prior written permission. Should you have questions regarding this issue, please contact us.

4knowledge-4fun.com is Copyrighted and is noted as such in the footer of our website. Should we be advised/find out that you are using our Intellectual Property without prior written permission, we will contact you in writing and ask you to remove said property. Thank you in advance for respecting our Intellectual Property rights.

General Terms & Conditions Updates

Updates will be made to this policy as needed. The date of the latest revision will be noted at the end of the policy.


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